Ordering Info

It is important to understand that our website does not function as a “Shopping Cart” but rather as a “Catalogue & Ordering System”.

What is the difference? You are NOT required to pay for your order online. You simply browse the catalogue, select products you are interested in and submit it to us.

We will then contact you to arrange delivery and other particulars. Follow the guide below to get going.


Registering is necessary to see prices and to submit an order and there are a number of ways you can do so:


                         Your Name

                         Business Name & Address

                         Landline & Cellphone Number

                         Email Address
Within 24 hours, a USERNAME and PASSWORD will be sent to you together with a phone call to assist with getting started.


  • Log in using your USERNAME and PASSWORD sent to you.
  • You may then browse PRODUCT CATEGORIES or see ALL PRODUCTS. Both accessible from the top menu bar.

  • To the right of the Product Page, select the Packing Option desired. Most items are sold in a Smaller Packing (CASE) or a Bigger Packing (BULK). BULK Packing offers a discount over CASE Packing.
  • For some items, you may need to select a Colour. The VBO option is the most popular for retailers in which all the available colours are mixed in the same box.
  • Type in the quantity you require. You can change this later in the “Cart” if you wish

  • Go to “Cart” and Submit the Order.
  • Select the Shipping location if you have multiple branches.
  • Confirm and then sit back
We will contact you very soon after to confirm the order, discuss any particulars and arrange delivery. Should you wish to make a change to the order, please contact us and we would be happy to do so for you.


How do I Pay?
You don’t! At least not until your order arrives. Online orders are processed the same as orders taken by Sales Reps.

What’s your delivery time?
It depends! Our standard delivery time is 48 hours but in many cases we can rush your order to do, even the same day! Let us know and we will try our best.

What’s the cost of delivery?

Can I buy on credit?
Maybe. Contact our office and someone will gladly assist you with applying for credit or alternative payment arrangements.

Do you export?
Of course! You will not pay VAT and we will arrange all shipping and documents.

Are there discounts for Large orders?
Sure! But we will need to negotiate those individually. Select the items you are interested in and contact us to discuss a better price.

How do I return something?
Easy. Contact our office and we will arrange for the return and for a credit to be issued to you. However, there are limitations on this. The length of time passed, condition of the product, cost to have it returned and reason for returning will be considered.

I’m looking for an item but I don’t see it
No Problem. We can source or custom order thousands of items. Contact us about it!

Can I order an OUT-OF-STOCK item?
Sure. We will then find out from you if you want to wait until it comes back in stock or if you’d like us to suggest a suitable replacement.

Can I see my last order?
Yes you can! Go to your account and check the History.

My log in credentials does not work. What to do?
Houston we have a problem! Make sure you have the Upper and Lower case correct. Still not working? Contact us right away and we will give you a temporary log on until we get yours corrected.