About Us

signCentral Trinidad, Chaguanas to be specific, is the fastest growing town in the Caribbean. This is a fact. And out of this roaring economic powerhouse emerges a small, but fast growing company that's making big waves countrywide.

Essentially we are an import and distribution company, supplying a wide range of everyday items. In essence, we are a mecca of customer service, creating satisfied customers with happy pockets.
Our customer base includes supermarkets, groceries, parlours, hardwares & caterers. We import and distribute directly so we are able to be extremely competitive, coupled with our low overhead costs. But there is absolutely no compromise on our products and service. We painstakingly select our items to be of good value and fit for use. Prompt delivery and in-store merchandising gives our retailers the best competitive advantage.

We are especially proud of our Value Buy label, the country's leading brand of Disposable Plasticware and Cutlery. Who says that a small company does no R&D? We have developed many items that have never before been offered in the region at a price-quality combination which is second to none. Better packaging and an after sales guarantee on all products positions the label way ahead of the competition.

So have a look around, drop by our office, send us an email or shoot a call. We'll be happy to meet and have a chat. We are always open to doing more and doing better.